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Welcome to Red Tail Outdoors!

AUSTRALIAN owned and operated Red Tail Outdoors is your specialist outdoor equipment and camping supplier. We take pride in providing quality products for your hiking needs. All products are stocked here in Australia. Our popular outdoor equipment and clothing may be purchased online or from select retail outlets.

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About Red Tail

des-cookThe Red Tail Outdoor range has been selected and refined by our director, Des Cook - an active outdoor enthusiast with years of experience - and we’re proud of our high quality range of products.

Des combines his broad experience with a keen eye for quality and practical application.  He understands what works best and what’s important in product selection.  The result is our outstanding Red Tail Outdoor camping and hiking range.

At Red Tail, we particularly understand the importance of balancing the weight of your hiking gear with its ability to withstand a variety of weather conditions.  It’s more important to have gear that works safely and appropriately, than saving a few grams in weight.

The Red Tail Outdoor range will prevail when you need it most, providing safety, protection and comfort.  Balancing strength, reliability and light weight, it’s designed to suit the harshest environment.

Our aim is to be the leading supplier of customised outdoor equipment in Australia and we will be expanding our range as new equipment is designed and produced.

We hope you will join us on our journey as we bring you the best, most suitable outdoor equipment available in Australia today.