Red Tail Headwear

Headwear designed for a variety of outdoor activities

Much time has gone into the design of our headwear.  We are acutely aware of the dangers of sun and the need for protection from ALL angles.  We have all heard the stories of unwitting walker that is unprepared for the “reflected” UV rays from light coloured sand which burns the neck and under the chin.  Hence the desire for side skirts on most hiking headwear… but you don’t need veils all the time.


  • Foldable visor to enable easy storage in pockets.
  • Add on/remove veils which can be secured by means of a fastener clip on the brim of the hat.
  • Add the front veil for all of face sun protection (except eyes).
  • In windy conditions the front veil can be fastened together to reduce the effect of wind blowing the skirt around.
  • In vicious wind you can add the chin strap – handy when riding a bike or on the water. When kayaking the chin strap maintains the hat on your head if you fall out of the kayak yet is fitted with plastic clips which will break if force is great – this safety feature was created in case the hat become stuck in an underwater hazard and caused a choking issue – better to lose the hat than drown.
  • Lightweight, quick dry material.
  • 6 colour options – pink, light blue, mid blue, lime green, white, beige.
  • Flat, lightweight aluminium buckle to adjust.


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