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A unique aluminium Windshield designed with functionality and practicality...


The Redtail Outdoor windshield has been inspired by years of trials in real-life situation.

Uniquely, the aluminium windshield has three incredibly strong custom-made magnets moulded into the shield.  The magnets attach the windshield to any standard size, 110mm diameter butane gas bottle and provide sufficient height to create a shield from wind and also to allow the excess heat to escape.

The windshield is designed to fit into the Redtail Outdoor cooking pot and still have adequate room for the gas bottle to be stored within.


  • Dimensions -  280mm wide x 120mm high
  • Material – Aluminium
  • Weight – 43g

NB – windshield may not be suitable for all cooking pots, adequate ventilation is required with the use of the windshield. See below for more information....

Built in magnets attach to the walls of standard gas bottle whilst still enabling access to the flow regulator and providing ventilation


Ideally designed to suit the Redtail Outdoor cookware range, the windshield has sufficient height to reach the cooking pot – for optimum efficiency the windshield should reach the base of the cooking pot as a minimum – this would depend on the height of your gas stove - - maximum height should not exceed 80mm


The windshield has been designed to suit the height of the Redtail Outdoors cooking pots and still adequately house a standard gas bottle. If this is a requirement for you please refer to the dimensions of the windshield to ensure sufficient space is possible. Note- when placing in this storage position please have the magnets facing “up”

The Redtail Outdoor cooking pot is designed so that the gas bottle, windshield, gas stove fits comfortably. NOTE – I also store my folding drink cup and bag of coffee and powdered milk inside the pot)

To ensure the safety of users, Redtail Outdoors conducted testing of the potential heat build up when using the windshield.

We are pleased to report our findings that the increase in temperature is minimal.

Operating without the windshield the test equipment revealed 95° F (35° C) and with the windshield the temperature increased to just 114° F (45° C)

This is a result of the adequate ventilation of the wrap around windshield which has been specially designed so as to create a 5mm gap from the bottle, where the magnets attach, and an 80mm gap where the shield has an opening (also enable access to the control mechanism of the stove)

We have included images of the test results in brief but, if you wish to see the entire document, please provide your email address and a copy will be sent.

Image of gas bottle in ambient temperature – no flame on. NOTE temp is in F – 79° F is 26° C.

Image of the gas bottle as seen by thermal imaging camera – in open space outdoors.

Thermal image of gas bottle with flame on – you can see the red heat generated by the flame on the base of the cooking pot. Without shield the heat transposed to the region of the gas bottle is 95° F (35° C).

The brief data derived by the thermal image camera relating to heat without windshield.

Image of the heat build up with the windshield, an increase in temperature to just 45° C.

Image of gas bottle as seen by the thermal image camera - you can see the design features that create the ventilation – adequate areas for the heat to escape result in the minimal heat build up.

On another test shoot we also took an image of the thermal image camera device so you can see the technology used.